Jane Fonda says 'we have to love' Donald Trump: 'Bad behavior is the language of the wounded'


Jane Fonda has taken a seemingly surprising stance on President Trump as she continues to protest and advocate for issues that she cares about deeply.

The "Grace & Frankie" actress is profiled in the latest issue of New York Magazine's The Cut, where she explains that she believes that Donald Trump's divisive behavior since running in the 2016 election and subsequently becoming president stem from parents that "didn't protect him," which left him hurting and prone to acting out.

"We can't forget that bad behavior is the language of the wounded, and I include Donald Trump in that," Fonda explained of Trump, who she briefly met during her marriage to Ted Turner. "We can hate what he does and what he says, but we have to love him."

As The Cut notes, Fonda's explanation for this harkens back to Martin Luther King Jr.'s use of the word "love" in the Christian sense of the word.

"I feel compassion because I know why the behavior comes," Fonda explained. "I know the wound that it comes from, that originates with the father and a mother that didn’t protect him. And I just think, in this polarized time, it’s important for all of us to really think about that, because we have to welcome under the tent people who may have voted for Trump and understand why they did it."

At the end of the day, Fonda said, having compassion for Trump doesn't excuse some of his more controversial moves as president, but she does hope that examining why he's done the things that he's done pushes the American people to not be passive when it comes to who we vote into office.

"Whoever we elect, we can never again sit back and say, ‘Well, we’ve got a good guy or a good gal in the White House,'" she went on. "Things happened under Obama and things really happened under Bill Clinton that should never, ever, ever have happened. And we can’t let that happen again."

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