BFFs! Nicole comes to Angelina’s aid as messy Brad Pitt divorce drama drags on has learned Angelina Jolie has found an unlikely ally as she battles Brad Pitt — fellow divorced actress Nicole Kidman!

“In the past, Nicole has compared her relationship with Tom Cruise to the one that Brad and Angelina shared,” revealed an insider. “Now she’s applauding Angie’s tough-as-nails approach to her high-profile custody war.”

As Radar reported, the extended divorce and custody battle between Pitt, 54, and Jolie, 43, has turned increasingly bitter, and neither seems willing to budge from their demands.

That’s a big difference from Kidman and Cruise, who forewent an ugly court battle and agreed to a private divorce settlement in 2001.

While she ended up with a nice chunk of Cruise’s assets, Kidman’s final tally could have been higher, but she chose to end the marriage amicably, calling herself “young and impulsive” for falling for the actor on the set of Days of Thunder.

“The way Angie is doing things is just completely different in Nicole’s eyes, because she isn’t letting Brad get away with anything or use his clout to silence her,” the insider added.

Kidman, 51, has since gone on to find greater happiness with long-time husband Keith Urban, whom she married in 2006. And as she enjoys her happiness, Kidman is also cheering on Jolie, hoping she gets to move on and enjoy true relationship success, just like she did.

“It’s not that Nicole has any kind of ill will for Brad, it’s just that she likes seeing the playing field leveled like this,” the insider said. “It’s a real sign of progress that Angie wasn’t just written a check and told to keep her mouth shut, which is basically what happened in Nicole’s own divorce.”

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