Twitter jabs Bill Clinton for seemingly checking out Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin's funeral


Reactions to Ariana Grande's performance at Aretha Franklin's funeral were mixed -- but President Bill Clinton and Rev. Al Sharpton seemingly enjoyed the show.

Now, before looking at the photos, let's cut some slack: Clinton's smile is particularly noticeable because most of the other men onstage were so unapologetically stone-faced. Several of them appeared dismayed, perhaps because Grande's dress was just a bit short for a funeral service. (Or just church in general.)

Seated next to Clinton was Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was clearly unamused by Clinton and Al Sharpton's faces.

Twitter users were quick to comment on the performance, in part to call out Clinton and Sharpton for their gazes, but also to take aim at Grande's ensemble.

"Why is Ariana dressed for a nightclub and not a funeral?" one viewer wrote.

Others noted that Grande's ensemble -- and the resulting reactions -- were an unwanted distraction from the real focus of the service.