Savannah Guthrie shares adorable video of Vale negotiating for ice cream

A certain curly-headed toddler must have watched Al Roker's weather report about soaring temperatures on the East Coast today, and decided it was the perfect opportunity to negotiate with her mother.

Savannah Guthrie shared on Instagram an adorable video of 4-year-old Vale with a simple request.

"Can I get ice cream today? Because it's a hot, hot day," Vale says, emphasizing the "hot" with hand gestures.

When her mom asks her why, Vale — in mini-lawyer fashion — makes the case by repeatedly citing the "hot, hot day" and describes the steam and smoke coming out of the ground at the park. She adds, "It's sunny all around."

We love that, at the end, Vale does add a "please" to her request.

Turns out, later in the day Vale got her wish: chocolate ice cream!

"She melted any resistance!" says Savannah. "I appreciated how she presented a multi-part argument backed up with evidence."