Former ‘Fox & Friends’ host Abby Huntsman gets fan blowback for moving to ‘The View’

Former “Fox & Friends” host Abby Huntsman announced on Tuesday that she’ll soon be a host on ABC’s “The View," and not everyone was happy with the announcement.

“It’s official!” she said in an Instagram post. “Thrilled to rejoin so many friends where it all began for me in TV, at @abcnews - running scripts, getting coffee, covering the overnight news desk, and logging tape - never dreamt back then that I would one day join the ladies at @theviewabc table. Get excited for Season 22."

While many of her followers wished her much success and said they’ll be watching, others didn’t take the news quite as well.

“Really? Your joining that fail show??” one person asked, while another person warned, “Are you a little bit liberal cause if not [Whoopi] will try to eat you alive.”

"Bad mistake Abby," another user wrote. "Sorry. No Republicans will watch so there goes your fans. The Dems over there in that goofy audience and viewers will hate you."

"U seem like a great person, but I think you just made a deal with the devil," another Instagram user commented. "Those women need Jesus!"

Huntsman will “join the ladies” at the table on September 4.