Celebrity yearbook photos: Taylor Swift, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Garner and more!

You remember picture day: Every year in school, you'd get a haircut, put on your favorite outfit and nervously wait in line to take your yearbook photo, only to probably be disappointed with how it came out.

And, yes, even your favorite celebrities went through the awkward agony of picture day in high school.

In honor of back-to-school season, we're looking back at some of the biggest stars' yearbook photos, courtesy of Ancestry.com. Whether it's Cameron Diaz as a cheerleader, Robert Pattison as an all-buttoned-up British school boy, Sean Penn as a mop-headed "outstanding graduate" or a guitar-wielding Taylor Swift in pajama bottoms and a popped collar, some of our most beloved stars have some hilarious throwbacks from their school days.

Check out the gallery below for over 30 throwback celebrity yearbook snaps: