Roger Federer admits he's called Anna Wintour for style advice on the courts


Known for his dapper style on and off the court, Roger Federer is not just a tennis icon, but a fashion one at that.

After his 20-year contract with Nike ended, die-hard fans were surprised when mega-retailer, UNIQLO, tapped Federer for their latest collaborative collection - but getting a stamp of approval from Anna Wintour was probably confirmation he was making the right move.

“Sometimes I have called her up in the past and asked her for [fashion] advice. I also asked her what she thought of UNIQLO and she thought it was a great idea. She thought it would be a wonderful match," Federer told press at The Park Hyatt hotel in NYC during an intimate gathering to celebrate the new partnership.

With his groundbreaking gameday attire, Federer revealed, “sometimes she [Wintour] likes to know what I’m going to wear. She asked me what I was wearing to the US Open and I would show her and she has her comments and sometimes when I have choices, I’ll show her - especially when it comes to New York and Wimbledon - she’s very particular in wanting to know before everybody else what’s going on. I don’t mind as long as Nike in the past or Uniqulo doesn’t mind me showing her. But she’s very trustworthy so I feel like it’s only for the best that I bring cool stuff to tennis. Anna is incredibly supportive and I can’t thank her enough," he continued.

Federer first stepped out wearing UNIQLO at this past Wimbledon. The Japanese brand will be offering replica game wear worn by Roger Federer at the 2018 US Open and fans will be able to reserve their favorite pieces available for pre-order on The collection was designed around a single tone of deep red which is reminiscent of the brands signature color.

“I think it starts with the fabrics and the colors for me, and then the tailoring and the fit comes naturally. The question is do we keep it fitted, like the way I have been wearing because when I first started my clothes were pretty baggy. Back in the ‘90s things were different but now it has been very fitted. So the question is, shall we change up that silhouette? There’s a discussion there but I think that the fabrics are very important. I like the colors we chose a lot and the detailing because I think there’s so much we can do," Federer exclusively told AOL's Laura Galvan.

The 37-year-old Swiss tennis pro won his 20th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open earlier this year. With not having won the US Open in a decade, Federer admits that it is the toughest championship to win but he doesn't feel the pressure.

"I think the US Open announces itself as a very exciting one and a difficult one to win. It’s the last opportunity for everybody to win a slam. Thankfully, I already have one,” Federer said jokingly.

"So at least, I can go into the US Open with less pressure in my opinion. I think it’s a good thing to look at this US Open with not having to win it, but wanting to win it badly - because I have not won it in 10 years. I have some work to do myself but I’ve come very close in recent years. Not the last two, because I haven’t been healthy but this year I feel really good about my chances. It is tough and maybe one of the toughest to win out there. I’m very excited and happy to be back."

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