Pete Davidson makes X-rated joke about being engaged to Ariana Grande


Pete Davidson isn’t afraid to gush about his love for Ariana Grande, with a little NSFW humor, of course.

The 24-year-old comedian was performing at Auburn University on Thursday when a fan asked him about life being engaged to his pop star love.

“What’s it like being engaged to Ariana? It’s like what you would think it was like but, like, 100 times sicker. It’s f**king lit,” he told the cheering crowd. "I’m a very very lucky boy, and I’m very very loved and I’m very lucky.”

Of course, in true Davidson fashion, he had to throw in a little X-rated humor, adding, “And my d**k’s forever hard.”

Grande, 25, was backstage at the event, supporting her man and sharing some cute pics and videos to her Instagram Stories. Prior to the show, she posted a shot of a grinning Davidson in a bubble bath. Afterwards, she shared a selfie with her future hubby, writing, “Bae was funny as f**k and brilliant today as always.”

Pete Davidson
Instagram Stories
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson
Instagram Stories

Though she seems to love Davidson’s humor, Grande was a little more heartfelt when talking to Michael Strahan on Good Morning America about her fiance earlier this week.

“It’s just, like, a feeling. I know that’s so cheesy, people are always like, ‘When you know, you know,’ and you’re like, ‘Oh yeah. Whatever. OK,’” she quipped. “I mean, he ticks every box and it gets better every day. And I’m very grateful.”

The couple made their red carpet debut at Monday’s 2018 MTV VMAs, where Davidson seemingly wore his heart on his sleeve with a beaded bracelet spelling out Grande’s future initials, “AGD.”