Ted Danson talks 'The Good Place,' 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and getting teary over 'Queer Eye'


Warning: If you haven't yet watched season 1 of "The Good Place" (what's taking you so long?!), spoilers ahead.

Last year, NBC's "The Good Place" introduced us to a modified incarnation of hell: Instead of your good old-fashioned full-body torture, those damned to Neighborhood 12358W are subject to an incessant stream of mild annoyance.

Ted Danson's Michael is the architect of the endlessly infuriating "Bad Place," but the real-life Danson is a longtime friend and co-star of another mastermind in irritation -- Larry David. So what would a "Bad Place" specifically designed by Larry David look like?

"If [Larry David] were designing it specifically to torture me, it would be a room full of industry people, all of whom I've met at some time during my career, but whose names I can't remember," Danson told AOL. "There's loud music, so I can barely hear ... That would be my hell."

But while Danson may dread the idea of a bustling Hollywood party, there's at least one famous face he's willing to chat with -- Jonathan Van Ness of Netflix's "Queer Eye," who stars alongside Danson in Smirnoff's new Welcome to the Fun% campaign, which is all about enjoying life to the fullest with a quality product that everyone can afford. And really, can you think of two guys more fun than Ted and Jonathan?

"My wife, Mary [Steenburgen], talked about the show, 'Queer Eye,' and I started watching it before I knew I was going to work with Jonathan," Danson said. "It starts off, these wacky, crazy, funny guys -- and all of a sudden, they literally change people's lives in such a sweet way. I love the show."

And if those "Queer Eye" makeover reveals tend to get you a bit emotional, you're not alone. Danson admits he's been known to get a little mushy during heartfelt reality show moments.

"My daughter, the little rascal, turned her cell phone quietly on me having a teary moment during some reality show," Danson said. "So I guess I am susceptible."

The third season of "The Good Place"premieres on Sept. 27 on NBC. "Queer Eye" season 2 is streaming on Netflix now.