Stephen Colbert recalls kissing Helen Mirren, Sally Field and Andrew Garfield -- and who was 'really good'

Stephen Colbert has been happily married to his wife, Evelyn McGee, since 1993, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t felt the heat with a few A-listers.

During an appearance on Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the 54-year-old Late Show host was asked about a recent flirty interview he had with actress Tiffany Haddish.

“She saw my ring in the interview and she turned it down. She turned the burners down,” Colbert quipped. “I was feeling it. I was 100 percent feeling it, but I didn’t know whether she was sending out a vibe to me or whether she just always has the vibe. She came out there and she did a body roll that just riveted me to my seat. She’s a very attractive young lady, but I’m very happily married.”

His response prompted Cohen to ask whether he’d ever had any guests who had made him think that they’d shared a spark had he not been married.

Without explanation, Colbert first named Diane Keaton before continuing, “Jane Fonda! Jane Fonda got on my lap and stuck her tongue in my ear and that was kind of nice.”

Cohen then asked about Colbert’s passionate kiss with Oscar winner Helen Mirren.

“Helen Mirren came out and without any warning kissed me on the lips, passionately with her hand on the back of my head and everything has been downhill from then,” the comedic host quipped.

He added that he’s also kissed Sally Field and actor Andrew Garfield, calling Garfield’s smooch “a really good kiss.”

When Cohen asked about the lip-lock from Field, Colbert replied, “She’s the Flying Nun, what do you want?”

The two late-night hosts had even more fun during a drinking game of “Never Have I Ever,” which forced Colbert to admit that he has ducked into the bathroom to avoid saying hi to a guest, forgotten a guest’s name mid-interview, instantly regretted a question, hosted a show while nursing a hangover, and passed gas while taping a show.