Paris Jackson reveals she had surgery for an abscess

Paris Jackson is in recovery mode after undergoing surgery.

The 20-year-old model revealed the news via her band, The Soundflowers', Instagram Stories over the weekend, explaining to her fans that she had the procedure done on Friday to remove an abscess.

"So long story short, I had surgery," she said in a video. "I had an abscess that was almost the size of a golf ball."

"You can go septic and die," she added, ensuring fans that she was OK after surgeons operated on her immediately. "It was definitely the most pain that I've ever been through in my entire life."

According to WebMD, an abscess is a tender mass generally surrounded by a colored area from pink to deep red that is filled with pus, bacteria and debris and often caused by infections.

Shortly after surgery, however, the only daughter of the late Michael Jackson took the stage on Saturday to perform with her band at a F**k Cancer fundraiser in Los Angeles, sharing a series of videos from the concert, which her 88-year-old grandmother, Katherine, attended.

"F**k, I can't believe my grandma made it to our second live show ever. and she actually liked it!?!!! i was sh**ting my pants," Jackson wrote. "I love you so much grandma. I'm so happy we got to play for you and to play for such an incredible cause."