Kanye says he was 'thinking', not 'stumped', by Jimmy Kimmel's Trump question

Kanye West has finally explained his seconds-long, zoned-out look Thursday when late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel asked him point-blank if President Donald Trump really cared about black people.

Kimmel cut to a commercial break when West failed to come up with an answer — and the hip-hop superstar had no response to the question when “Jimmy Kimmel Live” returned.

West tweeted Saturday that he was “thinking” about his answer. He’s apparently still thinking, because he still didn’t provide an answer.

Kimmel had asked the question because of West’s recent expressions of support for Trump, which triggered controversy because of accusations that the president is racist. West said his support was less about Trump’s “policies,” and more about “overcoming fear and doing what you felt — no matter what anyone said.” Trump thanked him in a tweet the following day.

Kimmel reminded West of the time he said that President George W. Bush “doesn’t care about black people.” Kimmel added: “It makes me wonder: What makes you think that Donald Trump does” care about black people — “or any people at all?”

That’s when the zone-out happened.

Kimmel graciously responded to West’s tweets, saying that “not every question warrants an immediate answer.”

But people on Twitter didn’t miss the fact that he still hasn’t answered the question:

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