'Busy Tonight': Busy Philipps reveals whether or not her late-night show will tackle politics


Busy Philipps' upcoming late-night show, "Busy Tonight," likely won't go much into politics.

The actress, whose show will air at 10 p.m. on E! starting this fall, recently caught up with AOL's Gibson Johns for her Tropicana Kids partnership, where she shared new details on what fans can expect from "Busy Tonight" amid the country's intense political climate.

"We’re living in a very bizarro time right now, but I think there is room to have a release and room to have fun," Philipps explained. "It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the other things or that there’s not space for those things to exist, as well. But, in terms of our show, I do think that if something major comes up and I want to address it, we’ll address it, but it’s not a political deep dive show."

"I love those, they’re important, but this is really like an antidote to the current climate and how exhausted people are constantly," she added.

So, while a majority of the current slate of late-night hosts have leaned heavily into politics during Trump's presidency, Philipps' show will offer up more lighthearted fare, essentially filling a void in the current late-night landscape that will let viewers take a break from the overwhelming news cycle.

"I want at the end of the day for ['Busy Tonight'] to be a treat," she explained. "Something fun that people can tune into and relax and have a glass of wine if they want, just chill out and laugh. We’ll talk abut pop culture stuff, we’ll have our guests on and we have some really cool segments we’re going to try out."

For the "I Feel Pretty" actress, the experience of hosting her own show will be all about finding a balance between what works and what doesn't for the show and its audience.

"It's about finding it, and I hope that we get the chance to really do that," she said. "People are excited and I hope they tune in. We'll continue to figure it out."

"Busy Tonight" will air on E! starting this fall.