Seth Rogen says Kanye West used to follow him around at the gym and quote his movies

Seth Rogen has had some comical moments with Kanye West.

During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the 36-year-old comedian revealed that he used to have the same personal trainer as the "No Church in the Wild" rapper. During some sessions where they would see each other at the gym, West would go up to Rogen and quote his famous movie lines.

"Several times, he would show up early. And he's a big fan of our movies," Rogen told Meyers. "And he would literally follow me around as I worked out and quote my own movie scenes to me, which is so weird."

"He's just like, 'So McLovin, that's a funny joke.' I'm like, 'Yeah, man. I don't know what to tell you,'" the Like Father actor continued.

Meanwhile, West will also have his moment on late-night television. The father of three made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!on Thursday. Kimmel and West are reuniting after their famous 2013 Twitter feud.