Britney Spears has strict no-touching, no-alcohol rules backstage!

Keep your hands off of Britney Spears!

According to an insider, the “Toxic” singer has a very strict set of rules when it comes to her team, and those working for her backstage.

“Nothing is allowed in your pockets. Hands must be visible at all time. No rushing; you are told to walk normally. There are no personal phones allowed and no pictures are to be taken by anyone other than Britney’s personal photographer,” a source told Naughty Gossip exclusively.

“But most importantly, you are instructed by the Spears people not to touch her,” the insider added. “Britney is best if you just act normal and suggest something fun for the official picture. Otherwise you get a standard smile.”

Another source said that Spears, 36, also has a no-alcohol ruleOpens a New Window., which applies backstage and in every one of her shows.

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