'AGT:' 14-year-old rapper Flau'jae falls to her knees crying after getting Golden Buzzer

On Tuesday's emotional episode of America's Got Talent, 14-year-old rapper Flau'jae stunned the judges with a powerful, emotional original song about her difficult life journey that's led her to the AGT stage.

After amazing the judges during her audition with an original song about gun violence earlier this season, Flau'jae opened up to the judges about the traumatic experience that shaped her life before she was even born.

"My dad, his name was camouflage, he was a rapper. He was gonna be signed to Universal Records. But two days before he was gonna sign the contract, he got murdered. My mom was pregnant with me," the young performer shared.

In a pretaped package that played before her performance, the rapper opened up about the void her father's death left in her life. "Every day I think, 'What would it be like if my dad we're here?' I never got to touch him, never got to hug him, never got to even talk to him."

Before singing, she told the judges, "My whole goal is to continue my father's legacy. I feel like he died too early. I feel like he had a dream and he had things he wanted to do, so I'm gonna do them for him."

Flau'jae certainly brought everything she had to her performance of her original song, "I Can't Lose," which she said was about "what I've been through to get here and to be in this position on America's Got Talent."

The AGT hopeful made the absolute most of her opportunity with a powerful performance that left the judges in awe, and Flau'jae herself wiping tears from her eyes.

"You are a wow," Howie Mandel marveled. "It's not somebody who wrote a song, it's not somebody who sings a song, it's somebody who lives a song, and teaches us a lesson. You're a star."

"I'm not an expert, but I feel you, the lyrics, the track, everything feels real," Simon Cowell reflected. "I really like you and I'm thrilled that you've come on this show."

However, it a guest judge Chris Hardwick who seemed to be the most moved, both by her talent and her emotional story.

"I have goosebumps and I'm shaking a little bit," Hardwick shared. "At 14 years old, you have the kind of authenticity and honesty that some artists never achieve in their entire lives."

"You were not given a chance to have a relationship with your father, you were not given a chance then, but I want to make sure you're given a chance now," he added, before slamming the coveted Golden Buzzer.

Flau'jae fell to her knees crying as the golden confetti rained down on her, and the audience cheered the young rapper on.

Hardwick joined her own stage for a hug, and told Flau'jae, "You honor your father, 100 percent."

ET caught up with Flau'jae in June, after her star-making audition, and she reflected on her socially conscious music and call for gun reform.

"I feel like if we spread the message, people will start to understand to just put the guns down," she explained. "I just hope people, they understand that you can handle situations differently. You don't have to end a situation with killing people because people are dying left and right. And to have witnessed that in my life… that still affects me when I need a father figure."

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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