Jamie Lynn Spears’ husband criticized for pic of 10-year-old Maddie holding a shotgun

Jamie Lynn Spears’ husband, Jamie Watson, is under fire for sharing a picture of her 10-year-old daughter, Maddie Aldridge, holding a shotgun on Instagram.

“Getting her ready for dove season,” Watson, who wed Spears in 2014, captioned a candid photo of Maddie standing barefoot outside while wearing shooting earmuffs and pointing the gun in the air on Sunday, August 5.

Instagram users were quick to criticize both Watson and Spears, who welcomed daughter Ivey in April, for allowing Maddie to hunt.

See the photo in the gallery below:

“A 10 year old with a shotgun. If that’s not redneck I don’t know what is,” one person commented.

“You´re so irresponsible,” another user wrote. “Guns are not a toy.”

A third person replied: “it’s ironic they post about their amazing dog (who is totally dependent on them) all the time when they then go and kill animals that are living their own lives minding their own business. Teaching kids to kill things is weird leave that till they’re older, man.”

“Bad parents


,” a fourth user commented.

Watson did not only receive negative comments, however, as some users supported the pair, commenting that is was “parenting done right.”

“I have followed you and @jamielynnspears for years and I so respect your admirable life that you live,” one fan wrote. “Seeing celebrities allow their children to live normal lives that kids should live and also honor the love of outdoors regardless of disapproval from some people is amazing and gives me hope in future kids! (Celebrity parents or not) I pray she stays like that all of her life and passes it on to her kids!”

Another user posted, “You are a wonderful father to Maddie. Teaching her right. So many kids are hung up on video games and their IPads they never see the outdoors. So kudos to you!”

Spears shares Maddie with her ex, Casey Aldridge. Back in February 2017, the Nickelodeon alum’s daughter was hospitalized for five days following an ATV accident. She was submerged under water for several minutes and unconscious until first responders managed to