Mila Kunis admits that there's 'nothing normal' about her kids' lives

Mila Kunis is speaking out about the struggles that come with raising kids in Hollywood.

The 34-year-old actress spoke to Willie Geist over the weekend about how her perspective on life varies widely from that of her parents and her two children.

"There's nothing normal about our life. It's all perspective. Your version of normal and my version of normal is different," Kunis explained on Sunday Today. "My kids' version of normal is incredibly different. So it's perspective. You try to surround them with diversity. We try to surround ourselves with all aspects of life and try not to stay in our bubble, but it's hard. It is really hard! And anyone who tells you otherwise is lying."

Kunis -- who has a 3-year-old daughter, Wyatt, and a 1-year-old son, Dimitri, with husband Ashton Kutcher -- also spoke about being aware that her kids are more privileged than most.

"My kids are never going to know what it's like to not have fresh groceries. My kids are never going to know what it's like to not have new clothes. I say no to my kids because I want to say no, not because I have to say no. It's a very different struggle," she shared. "They don't ask for anything. They don't even know why to ask. Everything's handed to them before [they ask]."

The Spy Who Dumped Me star revealed that her parents, who moved to Los Angeles, California, from the Ukraine when Kunis was 7 years old, love to spoil her children -- much to her dismay.

"My parents were like, 'Here's every toy Toys 'R' Us had,' and I was like, 'Noooo!' Right? Because it's like you overcompensate for everything you lacked in life," Kunis said. "My parents were like, 'We never had this,' and I was like, 'That's OK.' They don't need to have every single jungle gym that's available."

Above all, though, her parents -- who still live in the apartment where Kunis grew up -- are very proud of their only daughter.

"They just go along for the ride. They're like, 'This is crazy!' It is! It's crazy for my parents," she said. "And I think they're so supportive; the good news is, it all happened slowly. It didn't all happen overnight, so everybody was able to transition, relatively speaking, in a pretty good manner. I didn't have overnight success."

Kunis continued, "I wasn't 20, who came to Los Angeles to make it in this industry. We grew up in L.A. I was a working actress from the age of nine. My parents always looked at it as a hobby, and then it became a job, and then I became a working actress. It's how I always looked at it, as a working actress. Everything else is an added bonus. I can get you a dinner reservation at any restaurant. I can get you really good parking. Like, there are certain aspects of this career that are positive, right? Those are the two that I can think of."

Despite those obvious perks, Kunis is doing her best to keep her kids grounded.

"It is your perception of what it is. What your life is. What your surroundings are. My perception of reality and of being grounded is different than my kids... That's my biggest struggle [with my kids]," she said.

ET caught up with the former That's '70s Show star back in May where she revealed even more of her mom hacks. "I try to make them be on my [schedule], but it doesn't turn out that way," she joked at the time. "And sometimes I just have to laugh it off."


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