Drake releases star-studded video for 'In My Feelings' — featuring the man who started his viral dance craze

By now, you’ve no doubt seen countless videos for Drake’s “In My Feelings” — and it’s all thanks to the viral (and somewhat dangerous) #InMyFeelingsChallenge created by the comedian Shiggy.

But really, there can only be one “In My Feelings” video, and it’s the one Drake himself released late Thursday night.

The video starts out on a comedic note, with a smitten Drake pursuing the infamous “Kiki” (played by La La Anthony) by throwing pebbles at her window. “Kiki” quickly schools him on romance, taking him to task for talking to other women. Then her mother comes out on the balcony to shoo him away, and lo and behold, it’s Clair Huxtable herself, actress Phylicia Rashad.

“This is not a Taye Diggs movie, sir,” a no-nonsense Rashad scolds the rapper. “You a grown man.”

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The rom-com intro gives way to a twerk-packed shoot filmed on the streets of New Orleans, with all the requisite Mardi Gras beads, parades, and plastic foot-long cocktails that entails.

It’s an energetic performance, but Drake knows better than to not give credit to the man who has helped put his song on the map — and sent a few people to the hospital in the process. (Jumping out of moving cars tends to do that, folks.)

That leads to another comedy bit, with Drake waking up from a dream in which some guy “who spits when he talks” made up a dance craze that got Will Smith participating. He’s then startled to see Shiggy himself as a PA, and the two have an amusing face-off.

It all closes on clips featuring celebrities like Smith, Ryan Seacrest, the Queer Eye guys, DJ Khaled, and Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp busting out their own “In My Feelings” moves. Shiggy may spit, but he knows how to create a global sensation.

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