Jimmy Kimmel grills Sean Spicer over his relationship with Trump

Sean Spicer’s calamitous promotional tour for his new memoir The Briefing continues.

Fresh from being eviscerated by ‘BBC Newsnight’s’ Emily Maitlis last week for pushing President Donald Trump’s lies and getting heckled at a bookstore, the former White House press secretary took some knocks on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Tuesday.

“You’re dressing like a pimp, what’s going on?” host Jimmy Kimmel asked.

Kimmel described Spicer’s tome as a “tell-some” account of his time working for Trump, then grilled him on the issues that really matter. Such as, did Trump ever make him cry? Does Trump tweet on the toilet? And, was Trump the “best boss” he’d ever had.

Kimmel wrapped up the interview by asking Spicer how his mother felt about the criticism he’d received.

“Did she ever say, go in there and tell that son of a bitch Trump to stop making you lie?” asked Kimmel.

“My mother would never speak like that,” Spicer replied. “She’d say, ‘I’m praying for you.’”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.