Keith Urban reveals the reasons why he cries once a month


Keith Urban has a healthy way of dealing with his emotions.

The 50-year-old country superstar opened up about his previous admission that he cries once in a month in a candid new interview with Andrew Denton, revealing what exactly makes him emotional.

In 2016, Urban memorably told Rolling Stone, “When I haven’t cried in a while, I can tell I get pent-up. Then maybe once a month I have a good cry, one big avalanche of a torrential downpour, and I feel amazing for weeks afterward. The streets are cleaned, the skies are blue, there’s no humidity and it’s beautiful.”

Urban says it doesn't take much for him to tear up.

"Oh, anything," he told Denton on his show, Interview. "[It's] accumulative, accumulative things that didn't really warrant a cry at the time, and they add up, you know."

"I mean, little things, the passing of time, kids growing up, the loss of friends, loved ones for all manner of reasons -- all of it," he continued.

Urban also talked about his 12-year marriage to 51-year-old Nicole Kidman. The singer says when he met the Oscar-winning actress he "wasn't in a healthy place" in his life, and thought Kidman was completely out of his league. The couple now shares two daughters together -- 10-year-old Sunday and 7-year-old Faith -- and he does acknowledge a hardship they went through together. Urban struggled with addiction, going to rehab in 2006 just a few months after their wedding.

"My wife put an intervention together and it was … it was divine," he said. "I mean, 'divine intervention,' but it's true, it really was. It was love in action and the timing was absolutely divine."

"It had nothing to do with whether life was good or bad," he said about his addiction. "It had nothing to do with any of that stuff. I was an equal opportunity addict. I'd get high when it was sunny, high when it was raining -- it didn't matter. It was something I should have dealt with many, many years before I met Nic, and tried to, but it just never took. I wasn't ready. Simple as that."

These days, Kidman and Urban appear more in love than ever, and the singer has been 12 years sober. The two made an appearance at Lincoln Center's American Songbook Gala at Alice Tully Hall in New York City in May, where they couldn't stop kissing.