Jim Carrey offers a tariff-ying take on Trump with his latest artwork

A new Jim Carrey critique of Donald Trump has propped up — and this one really offers viewers food for thought.

Taking an agricultural approach to his pictorial criticisms of Trump on Monday, Carrey offered his condolences to family farmers who might be negatively affected by Trump’s policies.

“Sorry, family farmers. You picked the wrong guy to protect you,” Carrey wrote of his latest work, including a link to the voter registration site Vote.gov.

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The artwork, posted to Carrey’s Twitter account, depicted Trump as a scarecrow out in a field, with a crow poised to land on his arm. Which, clearly, would not make him a particularly effective scarecrow.

Carrey’s latest artwork would seem to be a reflection on the negative effects of trade tariffs on the agricultural community, effects that prompted the Trump administration to announce a potential $12 billion aid package last week for farmers financially hit by the trade situation.

As reported by CBS, not everyone was thrilled with the plan, including Republican senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska, who said, “At no point have I heard a farmer or rancher say we want more bailouts. We want more welfare … What they want is less trade war. There’s no ambiguity about this from the producers in my state.”

However, the artwork took on further nuance in the comments section of Carrey’s tweet, with one responder drawing parallels to the scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz,” who famously was in want of a brain.

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Feel free to draw your own conclusions about Carrey’s latest artwork after examining it below.

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