Jessa Duggar shares her best piece of marriage advice

Jessa Duggar Seewald doesn’t take her husband Ben Seewald for granted. 

“Never stop showing gratitude to your spouse for all the things they do to help out,” the 25-year-old exclusively tells Us Weekly in the new issue. “It doesn’t matter how big or small. Sometimes couples come to expect things of each other and they stop noticing and appreciating things the other one does to help out with the kids or keep the household running smoothly.”

The Counting On star continues: “If you spouse volunteered to change nastiest, stinky diaper or you saw them jump up quickly to clean up a spill, make it a habit to express gratefulness and say, ‘Thank you for doing that.’”

Though the TLC personalities have their hands full with sons Spurgeon, 2, and 17-month-old Henry, they have a standing date night. “Having alone time when you have two young kids doesn’t just happen,” Jessa tells Us. “We have to be purposeful.” For the couple, who have been married three years, sometimes that means ordering takeout after the boys have gone to bed and eating it at the dining room table.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald
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Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald
I love my amazing bride! Wonderful day together with my bestie! 😘 @jessaseewald
Happy news from the Seewald family! Baby #3 is on the way! Click the link in my bio to read our predictions! 😍
Cracking up over this one! 😂We were surprised to find out that #BabySeewald was already born last week! Jessa says to tell y'all that she was relieved to find out that all that labor and delivery is already behind her. 😄 Oh, and she said that she really likes the cover picture, commenting "I never imagined I'd have my pre-baby body back so soon!" 😊😜 Haha! We both had a good laugh over this! #UnreliableSources Lol!
Nice fall breeze blowing into NW Arkansas this evening! 😜 Dropped off the kid at Grandma's, and now headed out for a dinner date! 😜 Happy 2nd anniversary, Love! 😍❤️😘
My game day buddies! 🐗 🏈 @jessaseewald #SpurgeonElliotSeewald
Date with my girl 💞 @jessaseewald
We are over the moon. 💞 #BabySeewald3 Ivy Jane Seewald
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Lovely date with my Sweetheart! 😘 @jessaseewald
Can't wait for #BabySeewald to arrive! In the meantime, enjoying each day with the Love of my life! God is good! #BlessedBeyondMeasure #happy 😀😀😀
In-N-Out is where we ate lunch today! Awesome food!!! #pregnantwifey #funtimes
About to have our first Bradley class tonight! :-) #pregnantwifey
7 days till #BabySeewald's due date! 😍 @ben_seewald

“It’s great because our conversations can go long and you’re not on a time-clock with a babysitter or wondering if the baby’s bedtime routine went smoothly,” she reveals. “It’s a good fit for us at this time in our lives.”

When the reality stars do venture out of their home, they often hit up a local drive-through restaurant for frozen custard. Or they pop into a grocery store and pick up two pints of cream. “Yes, it’s like a thousand calories, and yes, we eat the whole thing in one sitting!” Jessa cracks. Ben is the one who makes reservations — and he’s notorious for picking “unique” spots. “He’s the kind of guy who will branch out and order something new every time, even if he has no idea what it is,” she says. “I’m a creature of habit, so I usually stick with things I’m more familiar with.”

Though date nights are important, Ben knows that Jessa needs alone time too. “Ben is great with the boys and is so sweet to insist on me taking a break from mom duties so I can have quiet time to read, or meet up with a girlfriend or grab a coffee,” she gushes. “I do love these moments of down time and refreshment, but it usually isn’t long before I feel myself missing my babies and longing to be back with them.” 

The new season of Counting On premieres on TLC on Monday, July 30, at 9 p.m. ET.

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