Orlando Bloom stops ‘Killer Joe’ twice to tell audience member to put her iPad away


Joe Cooper’s not here for your iPad!

Orlando Bloom was starring in his West End play, Killer Joe, on Thursday, when he got an unwanted surprise from one theatergoer. Several eyewitnesses in the theater reported that Bloom called out a woman in the audience for having her iPad out, all while in character.

“So at today’s matinee of @KillerJoePlay #OrlandoBloom shut down a lady filming on her iPad TWICE and he maintained character the entire time and that alone was worth a standing ovation,” one eyewitness tweeted. “Also, if Killer Joe told me to put my iPad down he so wouldn’t need to tell me twice.”

Another theatergoer wrote: “Well, I wasn’t expecting Orlando Bloom to stop mid show twice to shout at the woman in front of me to put her iPad away.”

Many others commended Bloom for calling out the audience member, including one attendee who remarked, “Well done to Mr. Bloom for publicly rebuking the woman in the audience trying to film him on her iPad, and then smoothly continuing with the show @KillerJoePlay.”

London theater critic Mark Shenton tweeted out an eyewitness account, which showcased Bloom’s colorful language while in character.

According to the eyewitness, Bloom first said, “I need YOU to put that iPad AWAY NOW!” and a few minutes later he added, “PUT that f**king iPad away now and I will wait.”

Another theatergoer who certainly won’t be pulling out an iPad anytime soon is Bloom’s girlfriend, Katy Perry, who has been to see the show several times in London.