Chrissy Metz dishes on the worst online date she ever had

The opposite of love at first sight. This Is Us star Chrissy Metz opened up to Us Weekly about her worst online date while attending the premiere of Sideswiped in L.A. on Friday, July 27.

“Years ago, before online dating was even cool or acceptable, I go, ‘Oh, I’ll meet you at this bar or whatever’ and we’re walking toward each other and we both see each other and without even a beat we just turned around,” the Emmy nominated actress, 37, recalled of one blind date in particular. “We both mutually were not even interested in having a date.”

Metz took it in stride, however. “Here’s the thing,” she explained. “It’s never personal. If someone’s not into you, it has nothing to do with you, it’s what they need or what they want. And I’m like, ‘If you’re not getting down with it, good. Thank you for … as we always say, ‘God’s rejection is your protection’ … You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.”

For the Sierra Burger Is a Loser star, who split from cameraman Josh Stancil in March, her dates are also good fodder for work. “It’s great as an actress, because no matter what, even a terrible date is great information … So I embrace whatever happens and I love that awkwardness. It also helps meeting strange people … when you go on auditions, you’re really, I think you’re prepping.”

While the Florida-born actress says she does want to find Mr. Right (“Who doesn’t want love? Who doesn’t want companionship?”), she isn’t willing to compromise. “Should it happen and should it be meant to be, it will be,” she said. “But also getting older, I’m particular. I’m particular about the things I don’t want to settle for.”

She is open when it comes to dating a guy who doesn’t work in Hollywood, however. “I think it’d be cool to date somebody in the industry only because they get what’s going on. But I also think people outside of it can bring a whole other layer to your life … You know, I’m open.”

In the meantime, the Golden Globe nominee has plenty to keep her busy with filming for the third season of This Is Us. “We’re craze with hours … We’re starting our third episode next week. We left off, of course, [with] Toby and Kate getting married and what is their new life together going to look like and what it is that they want for each other and for their life.”

As for the ending for the new season, Metz, who hopes to produce or sing like her character of Kate Pearson after shooting, says it’s “Devastating. Devastating. But not surprising, as far as the emotional heart-wrenching, per usual for This Is Us.”