Watch Britney Spears channel her teenage self on ‘The Tonight Show’

I’m a Slave 4 … Ew? For the latest installment of The Tonight Show’s recurring “Ew!” sketch on Thursday, July 26, Jimmy Fallon’s teenaged character, Sara, was joined by Abby, a summer camp friend played by Britney Spears — and hilarity ensued!

In the sketch, Sara and Abby trade poison ivy horror stories, show off their #ThrowbackThursday photos, admire Sara’s custom “Ew!” mermaid pillow, and discuss the prospect of being the oldest kids at their camp next year.

“We’re still too young to be counselors,” Sara contends. “We’re stuck between two worlds. It’s like, I’m not a girl…”

“Not yet a woman,” Abby sings, with the Tonight Show audience clearly appreciating at the 2000s-era Britney Spears reference.

After brushing off a FaceTime call from Sara’s step-dad, the girls play an “Ew” speed round. Matcha-flavored ice cream, pop-up phone holders, and sun-dried tomatoes? All ew-worthy. But Steve Carell? “So cute,” Abby says.

“He’s, like, a really talented actor,” she explains. “Have you ever seen Despicable Me 3?”

“Despicabah… Mah… Thrah?” Sara says in her inimitable accent. “Never heard of him!”

And Las Vegas? Definitely not ew-worthy. “I would, like, totally live there,” Abby replies, likely alluding to the 36-year-old pop star’s upcoming residency at Las Vegas’ Park Theater, which Us Weekly revealed in January. “They made the offer and she just couldn’t refuse,” one insider told Us. “She loves Vegas!”

In the meantime, Spears is finishing up the North American leg of her Piece of Me tour. Her visit to Fallon’s Tonight Show studio in New York City coincided with her two shows at nearby Radio City Music Hall.