Mandy Moore confirms she's ‘dipping her toe’ back into music after posting studio pic


If you’ve been missing Mandy Moore’s music like can-day (aye, aye, aye), it looks like she’s got some new hits… in her pocket.

The 34-year-old This Is Us star opened up on Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live about going back to her musical roots after exciting fans with a recent Instagram post from the studio.

“It’s been about 10 years since I’ve made a record. I am dipping my toe back in as we speak,” Moore shared. “I’ve just started writing.”

The "Candy" singer added that her musician fiancé, Taylor Goldsmith, will certainly have an influence on her upcoming music.

“I live with a songwriter so music is this sort of constant thread in our house,” she said, but wasn’t quite as concrete when asked if she’d duet with Goldsmith -- the lead singer of the band Dawes -- on her album. “Maybe we will, but we write together and we sing together. I sing on his records and I want him to come play on my records.”

Moore even had an influence on Dawes' song, “Never Gonna Say Goodbye.” Goldsmith wrote the tune for Moore after she suffered a freak accident while the band was on tour.

“I remember hearing it and I was like, ‘This has to go on the album.’ And he was like, ‘No, no, no. That’s, like, my language to you and I don’t know if I feel comfortable putting it out there.’ It was this weird role reversal where I was like, ‘No, no, people should hear that song,’ and it’s on their record.”

Moore also dished about the fate of her hit NBC drama, This Is Us. Revealing that the cast started filming two weeks ago, the NBC star confirmed once again that they have already filmed scenes from the series finale.

“There’s no predetermined end date… I think [creator Dan Fogelman] has an idea in his mind of when he sort of sees the story ending and he knows how it ends, which makes me feel good as an actor and as a viewer,” she said. “He knows where the story’s heading. I think just the nature of our show and the trajectory is, you know, people are certain ages now, and perhaps, they’re just going to keep getting older. So you’re capturing content in the can now.”

While Moore wouldn’t reveal whether her character, Rebecca Pearson, was featured in the finale scene, she did note that she knows how the show ends.

“I think the ending will be very satisfying for people,” she said. “I think it’s very true to sort of what the show evokes from all of us. Dan’s a master at that. People will feel their feelings.”