Demi Lovato: Details emerge on hours leading up to alleged overdose

Demi Lovato: Details emerge on hours leading up to alleged overdose

The details are still fuzzy on the circumstances surrounding Demi Lovato's reported overdose, but new reports suggest that a night of hard partying led up to the Tuesday morning incident.

According to TMZ, which was the first outlet to break news of Lovato's apparent OD, an all-night party at Lovato's house stretched into the morning. But by the time first responders arrived to an emergency call, the house was empty except for members of Lovato's team.

It's unclear when her guests left the house: It's possible that people had been gone for hours, but also possible that they quickly exited upon word of the grave medical situation, fleeing before medics appeared on-site to administer Narcan.

Those present at the house allegedly refused to provide any details about the drug that caused the overdose.

On Monday night, Lovato was celebrating the birthday of one of her backup dancers at a local bar/restaurant. She reportedly posted photos of the night out on her private Instagram. The account is separate from her official account, on which she rarely posts personal photos with friends.

Notably, just one day prior -- Sunday, July 22 -- Lovato had performed at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles, where she claimed to forget a line from her song "Sober." The lyrics she missed are, "I promise I'll get help."

"F--k, I forgot the words," she instead said onstage.

Lovato's publicist said late Tuesday that she is "awake" but did not provide further details about her condition.