Britney Spears brings Andy Cohen on-stage... and seemingly forgets his name: Watch!

Well this is awkward…

Andy Cohen had the time of his life on Monday night at Britney Spears’ Piece of Me Tour show in New York City. The 50-year-old Bravo host was selected from the crowd to participate in the now-infamous “Freakshow” portion of the evening.

Cohen was clearly stoked, pumping his fists in the air and jumping around on the stage as the dancers moved around him and fitted him with bondage.

The longtime host was thrilled to act as Britney’s personal plaything, getting down on all fours and crawling across the stage. But the awkward part came at the end of the song when the 36-year-old pop star seemingly forgot Cohen’s name.

“I think you all know who this is… Give it up for him!” Spears exclaimed as Cohen bowed at her feet.

It didn’t seem to matter to the Real Housewives wrangler, who excitedly shouted as he left the stage, prompting Spears to declare, “Wow… ears, he’s loud!”

Earlier this month Spears opened up to ET’s Nancy O’Dell ahead of her tour about her lengthy career and her goals moving forward.

“It’s been so fast. You know, I feel like I just started yesterday. Everything still feels very new, which I guess is a blessing,” she said of her career. “I just want to be a happy person. That’s really important, just to spread joy and to be a happy person.”