Luke, I am... myself: Mark Hamill is at San Diego Comic-Con wearing a Skywalker mask


As Darth Vader says in "Return of the Jedi": You cannot hide forever, Luke.

Mark Hamill, master of not only The Force but also the dad joke, has taken his beloved goofball humor to San Diego Comic-Con. The real-life Luke Skywalker plans to covertly chat with unwitting fans while in disguise as his own characters.

At first, Hamill called the ploy an "unsubstantiated rumor," adding, "But if I really WAS there in disguise, would I lie about it to fool people -- secretly talk to fans, attend panels and have fun? I would."

But -- ever topical, this guy -- his tweet was actually a jab at President Trump's would/wouldn't Putin-related fiasco. "Sorry, I misspoke and said I 'would' instead of 'wouldn't,'" Hamill tweeted later. "Fun fact: I'm here right now!"

Hamill will spend two days disguised as Luke Skywalker -- one present-day; one youthful -- and two as cartoon characters he voices, The Joker ("Batman") and Skips ("Regular Show").

"Be on high alert and please say hello when you see me!" he wrote, adding the hashtag #MaskedMark. (Hamill loves a good original hashtag.)

So, with dozens of Luke Skywalkers wandering about Comic-Con, how will fans know when they've spotted the real deal? Well, knowing Hamill, he won't be able to resist blowing his cover just to see the look on fans' faces.

Your move, Harrison.