Paul Rudd on how parenting has made him more sentimental

Still hilarious, but now diving a little deeper.

Paul Rudd recently sat down for an in-depth interview with Mr. Porter where he admitted that fatherhood has offered him a new perspective, which has played a role in the projects he picks. “I’ve experienced more profound moments in my life: my dad dying, being a parent,” he says. “All of a sudden your sensitivity is heightened. I see things on TV like 'Undercover Boss' and they knock me to the ground. My kids make fun of me. ‘Oh, Dad’s crying again.’”

Rudd also admitted that he relishes delivering a so-lame-it’s-hilarious joke to his sons, Jack and Darby, ages 12 and eight, respectively. “My favorite thing is when they roll their eyes because it’s such a dad joke, but I know they find it funny,” he shares. “They kind of try to fight a smile.”

See Paul Rudd through the years:

The 49-year-old thespian also spoke warmly of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Ant-Man and the mega-franchise's ability to bring fans together.

“Fandom, like sport, is such a leveler, no matter where you stand politically,” he says. “There’s no middle ground right now between a Trump supporter and Trump hater. It’s Yanny and Laurel. But put those two people at Comic-Con with a shared love of Captain America and… That’s why I became an actor, to bring people together. Create world peace. You know, when you’re an artist…”