Billie Lourd celebrates birthday by channeling late mother Carrie Fisher

Billie Lourd is celebrating her birthday by channeling her late mother, Carrie Fisher.

The American Horror Story star turned 26 on Tuesday, taking to Instagram to thank fans for all the well wishes. She also shared a video of how her beloved mom used to honor her on her special day.

Dressed in a vibrant crop top with a printed skirt, the birthday girl smiled as she waved her hands above her head and conducted her friends and family to start belting out "Happy Birthday."

"Feeling #beyondblessed by all of yesterday's birthday love," she captioned it. "Side note: this is how my mom used to sing happy birthday (she thought the real version was mildly irritating and took too long)."

"As always, I'm totally on her page," she added.

Fisher died at age 60 on Dec. 27, 2016, just one day before Lourd's grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, died at age 84 as a result of a stroke.

"It's completely surreal. There’s no way to really explain it," Lourd said in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres last Septemeber. "It’s so hard to talk about. I don't know, if I say that I'm doing good, I'm too happy. And if I say that I'm not doing good, then I'm a mess."

"It's really hard to know what to say about it because it is just so surreal and impossible to deal with," she continued.

See Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher through the years: