Asia Argento didn't know about Anthony Bourdain's 'obsession' with suicide

Asia Argento didn't know about Anthony Bourdain's 'obsession' with suicide

Asia Argento wasn't aware of boyfriend Anthony Bourdain's reported "obsession" with suicide during their year and a half of dating.

The actress took to Twitter on Monday to react to an article called "Anthony Bourdain's long-burning wick -- in his own words," which chronicles the nearly 20 times that the late celebrity chef talked about killing himself on television since 2000.

"I never knew this obsession of his," Argento, 42, tweeted along with a link to the article. "He never told me."

She also called the three-page document a "heart wrenching read."

The piece was published one month after Bourdain hanged himself in his hotel room in France in June at the age of 61. His suicide shocked the world and those closest to him, though his fascination with death was evident, as John E. Richters, Ph.D's article points out.

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There were "numerous occasions -- in writing, on camera and during interviews -- on which Bourdain has spoken candidly about his personal struggles with unhappiness, depression, loneliness and self-doubt," Richters writers. "And because of his prior disclosures we know that these issues weighed heavily on his mind during the extended therapy session -- far more than his nonchalant, self-deprecating demeanor would suggest."

The article goes on to list out the known instances during which Bourdain talked about killing himself on TV, including several moments in which he chillingly alluded to hanging himself in a hotel room.

In an episode from the first season of "No Reservations" that aired in 2005, for example, Bourdain said, "You wake up, feeling like you're not sure whether you want to curl up into a fetal ball, start crying, projectile vomit or hang yourself in the shower."

Four years later, also in an episode of "No Reservations," Bourdain proclaimed a similarly foreboding comment.

"The painful story of my life and less than distinguished career ended up as five episodes of a sitcom on Fox, at the end of which I'd pretty much wanted to hang myself in the shower," he said.

On another episode during that same season he said, "Oh, boy, just saved from a poisonous blowhole-inspired bout of depression and self-loathing by the healing powers of pork. I determine not to hang myself in the shower stall of my lonely hotel room."

For more on Anthony Bourdain's history of discussing killing himself, read the full article here.

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