Priyanka Chopra on her plans for global domination: 'I want the world'


Priyanka Chopra is on fire.

Since "Quantico" premiered back in the fall of 2016, the actress has become one of the most revered and recognizable talents in the world. Chopra stopped by BUILDseriesNYC back in April to spill the details on the hit drama's third season.

"I'm so excited to share this with everyone," Chopra gushed. "Because it doesn't matter if you've seen season one or two. This season is a completely new revamp we've got a whole new team. So you won't miss anything if you start season 3 today."

The actress added that "there's a lot of man drama for Alex this year. She's dealing with three men."

Part of the "new team" that's part of the third season of "Quantico" is Michael Seitzman, who joins the hit ABC show as its new showrunner this year -- and Chopra approves.

"I love Michael Seitzman -- he's giving it a new spin," she explained of the addition. "This show rips headlines from the newspapers that we read, and lets your favorite characters solve them. We shot in Italy, and we shot in Dublin, [which] gives the show that authenticity. It delivers a global citizen view."

With her starring role on "Quantico," Chopra became the first South Asian lead in a primetime show -- ever.

"It's about time!" she exclaimed about her historic casting. "We're in 2018, and the show launched in 2016. South Asians make up one-fifth of the world population, and this is global entertainment! It's better late than never, and Kerry Washington was the first African-American woman to be cast in a lead in a network drama ["Scandal"] just three years before that. So, kudos to ABC and Disney."

"But, guys! It's a little bit late. We need to see more representation, because we don't all look like one person," Chopra added.

"As an artist, it's nice to be appreciated," Chopra continued. "I want to be a global artist. I want to be able to push my art to the world, not just one or two countries. I want the world."

"Quantico" air on ABC, Fridays at 8 p.m. EST.