Gloria and Emilio Estefan say the key to their 40-year marriage is respect, love and laughing 'every day'

Gloria and Emilio Estefan have found the secret to success -- on the charts, in love, and now on Broadway!

The national tour of the couple's hit musical, On Your Feet -- which tells the story of the couple's rise to fame and the Cuban-pop fusion hits that made them chart-topping superstars -- has arrived in Hollywood, celebrating its premiere at Los Angeles' Pantages Theatre this week. ET's Keltie Knight recently caught up with the Estefans, where they dished on the spectacular show and the secret to their lasting relationship.

The couple will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on Sept. 2, thought Gloria noted that "we've been together [for] 43," joking, "I met him when I was one."

So what's their secret? "Respect and love and, more than anything else, being Latino, you say, 'Yes, Baby, whatever you want,'" Emilio joked.

"That is such a crock, you know what?" Gloria responded. "He makes me laugh every single day of my life."

On Your Feet features over 20 of the Estefans' most popular songs, including the megahit "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. "I tried to warn everyone, the rhythm is gonna get you," Gloria joked of the track's iconic hook. "What else can I tell you?"

The singer also revealed that the track, which she penned with her drummer, Enrique Garcia, was originally much more sinister in tone.

"I'll tell you what I remember, that originally it was 'the boogeyman's gonna get you,'" she recalled. "My drummer had written this thing and I go, 'I have a tiny son. I am not singing the boogeyman's gonna get you.' So I rewrote all the lyrics, but that 'whoo' that's in there is kind of an homage to the original idea of 'the boogeyman's gonna get you.'"


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