Kaley Cuoco is up and walking her dogs and mini horses a week after shoulder surgery

Kaley Cuoco is back upright and took time on Thursday to gallivant in the yard with her dog and two mini horses, Shmooshy and Blanca.

Cuoco, 32, had been down for the count for a several days after having surgery on her shoulder, just days after her wedding to professional equestrian Karl Cook. Cuoco has documented several days of misery after the surgery, which, despite its crummy honeymoon timing, had been pre-planned after she had injured her shoulder last year.

"I brilliantly planned it five days after our wedding. Right, babe?" she quipped about the timing on her Instagram Story last friday.

In a series of videos posted on Thursday, Cuoco can be seen walking out and about with her pets.

"Hehe back with the kiddos!" she captioned one video.

Kaley Cuoco with her two dwarf mini horses, Shmooshy and Blanca.
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Cuoco, who bonded with her husband over their extreme enthusiasm for animals, has struggled over the past few days with recovery, bemoaning the fact that ice had become her "best friend."

"Day three in the same shirt, braids are hanging in. Karl might have to redo them. Could write a sitcom around his hairstyles," she said last week in a black-and-white video, as she iced her shoulder and wrote, "Ice is my best friend."

Here's to hoping she gets a little less time with ice and a little more time with Shmooshy and Blanca.


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