Ewan McGregor's daughter: His girlfriend is a 'piece of trash'


Earlier this year, Ewan McGregor faced public criticism amid reports that the actor was leaving his wife of 20 years to date a co-star. But the internet's disapproval was nothing compared to the fury of his own kids.

The actor shares four children with Eve Mavrakis, 51, his wife of two decades: Clara, 22, Esther, 15, Jamyan, 17, and 7-year-old Anouk. But in fall 2017, he began a relationship with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who played his love interest on "Fargo."

After an fan referred to Winstead on Instagram as the "most beautiful and talented woman on earth," McGregor's eldest daughter, who is a professional model, was more than happy to weigh in.

See photos of Clara McGregor:

"Oh man, ya'll are delusional," Clara wrote in response. "The girl is a piece of trash."

She capped off the comment with a smiley face.

The comment is Clara's first public remark about her father's relationship.

In January, McGregor made headlines when he thanked both his wife and his mistress in his Golden Globes acceptance speech.