Footage surfaces of Mel B getting groped on live television

A clip from a couple of years back has resurfaced which shows an X Factor judge groping Mel B’s behind and cackling about it after she realized what he was doing.

The clip featured Mel sitting next to her X Factor UK judges on a talk show of sorts from 2014. The others with her during the chat were Simon Cowell and Cheryl.

Louis Walsh, who was a judge on The X Factor inconsistently since 2004, sat right next to Mel during the segment. He rounded out the judging panel on the show that season.

While the host of the show was chatting with the judges, Louis is seen patting Mel on her behind. Once Mel realized what he was doing, she erupted.

"HOLD ON A SECOND!," Mel yelled. "Why are you grabbing my butt?" He then replied, "I'm looking out for you!" before he started laughing hysterically and Mel looked in shock about the whole thing.

The incident swept through social media over the weekend, with many saying that this was "sexual harassment on live tv folks." No word yet from Mel or Louis' side regarding the unearthed footage.

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