Armie Hammer wore shorts on 'Good Morning America' and Twitter is freaking out about it

Armie Hammer wore shorts on 'Good Morning America' and Twitter is freaking out about it

Armie Hammer wore shorts on Monday, and people on Twitter are freaking out about it.

The actor appeared on "Good Morning America" and "Live With Kelly and Ryan" to promote his new film, "Sorry to Bother You," and he rocked shorts with a button-down shirt and a suit jacket for the appearances, explaining on "GMA" that it's his "new thing."

"It's suits with shorts, that's my new thing," Hammer said. "If I'm going to be troubled to put on a suit, which you have to sometimes, I wanna be comfortable. I wanna let my legs out. I wanna breathe. I wanna wear shorts."

Hammer's discussion of his shorts on Monday came months after the actor went viral while promoting "Call Me By Your Name" in Europe. During that promotional tour, Hammer famously rocked a number of tracksuits in a variety of colors, but he retired the look when the tour came to an end.

His appearances on Monday sent Twitter into a tizzy, particularly because the move called to mind the actor's character, Oliver, in the Oscar-nominated "Call Me By Your Name," who donned short-shorts throughout the film.

"Armie Hammer with the suit and shorts!?" one user wrote. "Best thing today."

"Yassss to Armie Hammer wearing shorts on 'Live with Kelly,'" someone else said. "Looking like a preppy snack."

"Let me tell you @armiehammer what a look," another person tweeted. "First tracksuits and now short shorts again like #cmbyn days... how stylish [of a] human being you are, dude!"

Considering the positive feedback that Hammer got for his shorts on Monday, we wouldn't be surprised if he continued to rock them while he continues to promote his latest film.

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