Jessa Duggar claps back at mommy-shamers who slammed her for giving soda to 1-year-old son

Jessa Duggar had to once again clapback at mommy-shamers after she was called out for allegedly giving her one-year-old son, Henry, soda. Earlier this week, Jessa shared a cute video of her son drinking La Croix sparkling water. However, her caption for the post, which included a line about soda, enraged the easily upsettable mommy police.

“Pretty much the exact same reaction I had to La Croix the first time I tried it,” she wrote, referencing Henry’s sour face after trying the fizzy drink. “Wow…definitely not Fanta.…” The Counting On star’s mentioning of Fanta seemed to be what set the mommy-shamers off.

“Fanta! Is that a joke?” one commented. While another wrote, “I hope that’s just seltzer.”

However, a more direct comment that shamed Jessa for giving her son soda seemed to set Jessa over the edge. “Please tell me you don’t give him Fanta,” the fan wrote. Jessa then directly responded to the commenter, writing, “No, he prefers coffee and energy drinks.” She later added, “And of course I’m joking. He only drinks breastmilk and water.”

That isn’t the first time Jessa has stood up against mommy-shamers. Back in February, the mom-of-two clapped back at two “fans” who tried to tag team her for saying she “trains” her kids.

The war of words went down on Valentine’s Day after Jessa shared a touching tribute to her husband, Ben Seewald. “Best friends forever,” Jessa wrote of her hubby in the sweet caption. “I don’t know another dad who is more involved in the diapers, cuddles, wrestling matches and training moments as you are.”

Unfortunately for Jessa, the focus of her tribute seemed to go to her parenting skills. Fans criticized her for calling some of Ben’s daddy tasks, “training moments.”

“Training is for dogs, not humans,” one user responded. While Jessa has ignored comments like this in the past, the mom-of-two for some reason decided to fight back. “We train for occupations, we train for jobs, we hire personal trainers for our fitness…and we train/teach our kiddos in right behavior in the hopes that they will grow up to be caring, thoughtful and responsible adults,” she wrote. Jessa then sarcastically added, “But I agree – dog are not humans. Thank you for making that distinction.”

The debate then heated up after another fan jumped in, once again calling Jessa out for her “training.” “Those forms of training area) entered into optionally and willingly by the people involved, and b) don’t ever involve physical punishment,” they wrote.

Jessa kept the back-and-forth going as she responded: “Our boys are well loved (and sometimes a bit spoiled) But it is not good parenting to never tell your child no. We should definitely give reasons for why we ask them to do or not do things.”