Video of Andy Dick groping Ivanka Trump on 'Jimmy Kimmel' resurfaces

Comedian Andy Dick’s recent arrest for groping seems to have prompted the recirculation of a video that shows him rubbing Ivanka Trump’s leg when they both appeared on a talk show in 2007.

The clip, from “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” began making the rounds after reports that Dick was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and simple battery last month for allegedly grabbing a woman’s buttocks and making lewd comments as he walked past her.

The news, coupled with other accusations in the past against Dick, makes the footage even more cringe-inducing:

As Trump and host Jimmy Kimmel chat, Dick asks the future first family member “You don’t play up the glitter on your legs?” and begins to caress them. Trump laughs, playfully slapping his hands. “Andy, please don’t touch Ivanka,” Kimmel says as he gets up to direct Dick away from her. “Donald Trump will kill both of us,” he adds.

Dick then takes a swipe at Trump’s ponytail.

A longer clip (below) shows Dick grabbing Trump’s arm later in the interview and Kimmel summoning security to help him drag Dick off the set by his feet.

Kimmel told “Extra” shortly thereafter that Dick was unapologetic about the incident. “He always makes me a little uncomfortable,” the host said at the time.

In December 2017, Dick posted a screenshot of the moment in an intended swipe at Ivanka Trump’s father, Donald Trump, who at the time had been president for about a year.

Dick was fired from a movie in October after alleged inappropriate sexual behavior.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.