Adam Rippon on his nude ESPN Magazine shoot: How many people were in the room? (Exclusive)


Adam Rippon stripped all the way down for ESPN Magazine's world-famous Body Issue this year, and the Olympic figure skater recently opened up about the daunting experience.

Speaking to AOL's Gibson Johns alongside pal Mirai Nagasu at DSW's Block Party in New York City this week, Rippon revealed that, much to his dismay, he didn't have much time to prepare for the revealing photo shoot.

"I thought I would have months before [to prepare]," he told us. "They asked me, and I was like, ‘Perfect, I’ll be able to get a brand new body by then. I’ll have a huge chest and look completely different with glowing skin.’ But then they were like, ‘It’s in two weeks!’ And I was like, ‘F-ck.’"

Rippon's moment of panic came and went pretty quickly, though, as he used the self-confidence that won him so much adoration during this year's Winter Olympics to hype himself up and just go with it.

"So, I basically was like, ‘You know what? This is going to work if I just go out there and say, ‘F-ck it!’ and I go out there and I don’t hold back," he explained. "I’ll be able to know I held back just by looking at the pictures. I was comfortable, and I tried my best to put out the best pictures, and as soon as I said that, I was able to be comfortable around all these people, and I was just naked all day."

And just how many people was he strutting around in his birthday suit for?

"10 people," he said with a laugh. "Which is more than usual."

Rippon and Nagasu, who have known each other for over a decade at this point, have had quite the last four months since becoming household names coming out of the Winter Olympics. In addition to attending the Academy Awards in March, which they called an "amazing" experience, Rippon also won this spring's all-athletes version of "Dancing With the Stars."

While the 28-year-old called his ESPN Magazine Body Issue cover "the easiest outfit to find," his outfits on "DWTS" were more of a process -- much like the process that he and Nagasu go through for figure skating.

"I was able to talk it through with [partner] Jenna [Johnson]," Rippon explained. "I would tell her what I wanted, and I would hear what she thought, and it was always pretty much the same thing, and we could just go from there. Whatever they gave us, I was like, ‘This is my tool to express myself.’"

For Negasu, her skating ensembles have always been all about combining form and function, while also wanting what she's wearing to help her sink into the fantasy that she's creating with her routine.

"It's about finding the right costume," Nagasu told AOL. "We want to feel the part of the character, but we also can’t go out there with [an outfit] feeling uncomfortable. I always have to have four-way stretch, especially to get my leg over my head. It has to be very short, as well, so it doesn’t whip me around. It has to be functional, but also make me feel pretty."

"I’m very grateful to skating to get me out of a hoodie and sweatpants," the self-described tomboy added with a laugh.

"It’s so important to be able to express yourself and stay true to who you are," Rippon added of his skating fashion. "I have a really good friend of mine who did all of my costumes, and sometimes I didn’t know how to portray what I wanted to on the ice, so I would tell him what I was feeling, and he would put it into an outfit."

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