Michael Strahan calls Lonnie Chavis his 'inspiration' after 'This Is Us' star defends the gap in his teeth


Michael Strahan is expressing his support for child actor Lonnie Chavis.

After Chavis, who plays young Randall on This Is Us, posted a video in response to those who were ridiculing the gap in his teeth, the Good Morning America co-host — who also has a gap in his teeth — stood up for the 10-year-old star.

"@lonniechavis you are an inspiration my man! You make me proud to rock my gap and your message is exactly on point," Strahan captioned his re-post of Chavis' video on Instagram on Tuesday. "Embrace your uniqueness and live your life with happiness! What people criticized me for earlier they now embrace as a signature."

The 46-year-old TV personality continued to praise Chavis, writing: "No one is perfect and who really wants to be. Life is much better when you can relax and be who the good Lord made you! #rolemodel"

In the video, which Chavis posted on Monday, he used his experience with trolls to discuss a very real issue — bullying.

"I mean, it’s stupid. Is it fun?" he asked his critics. "No. It hurts people. People kill themselves, and you’re the one who’s making them do it. Fix your heart, though. For real."

He continued: "I’m happy that I can handle this. I can handle this. I’m not tripping. But there are kids out here. If y’all kids are watching this, don’t trip. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Do you. Be you. Believe in yourself."

In addition to Strahan, several other stars spoke out in support of Chavis' message.

"You are so beautiful inside and out ...love u!" Disney star Jenna Ortega commented on the video.

Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke also responded to the post, writing: "Lonnie, you are incredible! You are so special, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep on shining and spreading positivity. Love you!"

This Is Us returns September 25.


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