Bella Hadid crashes a high school prom in a Juicy tracksuit -- See the pics!


From a photo shoot to a high school prom, Bella Hadid does it all in her Juicy tracksuit!

The 21-year-old model gave Oceanside High students quite the surprise when she crashed their prom party on Monday. Hadid was posting shots from a beachside photo shoot in New York just hours before images circulated online of her huddled up with a bunch of promgoers. The brunette beauty happily posed for photos with the group, and even checked out their party bus!

"BELLA HADID IS ON MY SCHOOLS PROM BUS I CANT STOP LAUGHING," one student wrote on Twitter in disbelief, before sharing pics from the epic encounter.

It appears Hadid's drop-in didn't last long. The model was in Frankfurt, Germany, by Tuesday morning, before catching another flight to her next destination. Also traveling the globe is Hadid's friend, Kendall Jenner, who was recently spotted making out with Anwar Hadid in NYC.

According to a source, however, Jenner's hookup with her friends' little brother was "nothing serious."

"Anwar and Kendall are just having fun for now," ET's source said. "Both of them recently got out of relationships, and don't want anything too serious."

"Kendall is best friends with Anwar's sisters, Gigi and Bella, and she respects them tremendously," the source continued. "Kendall would never want to do anything to put her relationship with Anwar's sisters in jeopardy. Kendall and Anwar have known each other for years and have always been flirtatious and this is just another sign of that. The two enjoy one another's company and things could change, but for now, it's nothing serious."