Queen Elizabeth hands off one of her favorite duties to Duchess Meghan

It seems much of world has fallen in love with the woman dubbed the “American Princess,” so why should anyone be shocked that Meghan Markle is quickly showing herself to be one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorites, too?

Harry and his grandmother have an especially close relationship, and it seems that is now extending to the Prince’s new wife.

The Queen, who had to give official approval for her grandson to marry, has been showing the new Duchess of Sussex the ropes when it comes to public royal life.

Barely a month after marrying into "The Firm" (as the British Royal Family is sometimes called) the longest-reigning monarch took her granddaughter-in-law on the Royal Train for a day of engagements in Cheshire, England.

And now according to The Express, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are slated to take over one of Her Majesty’s many roles -- welcoming young people involved in the Queen’s Young Leaders program to Buckingham Palace.

The five-year-old program recognizes exceptional young people from Commonwealth nations who are making a difference in their communities, which is a cause close to both Meghan and Harry’s philanthropic efforts.

If the conspiratorial smiles and one-on-one trips don’t convince you that the Queen is very happy with her grandson’s choice of a bride, then the fact that Her Majesty is handing one of her favorite charities into the care of Duchess Meghan should.