Zoe Saldana gushes about 'devoted' fans of 'Star Trek' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Zoe Saldana appreciates her fans now perhaps more than ever.

Between her role in three "Star Trek" films as Uhura and as Gamora in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise, the actress plays a major part in multiple cinematic universes that have their own respective group of uber-passionate fans, and it's something that she wholeheartedly embraces.

During a recent sit-down with AOL at American Express' Simplify Your Summer event in celebration of the American Express Cash Magnet Card, Saldana gushed about the fans of some the biggest films of her career and revealed what she's learned about the fandoms since taking on those roles.

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"I have so much love and respect for fans that are devoted and dedicate a great deal of their time crafting something and living inside of it," Saldana told us. "I’ve learned that a lot of the people that consider themselves to be super-duper fans are people that are overcoming adversities and, thanks to a role model, they were able to overcome something that was difficult in their lives. Knowing that I represent that kind of feeling or outlet for them makes me feel really honored. That’s something that I never take for granted."

"It takes a lot of love for something or someone to dedicate all of that nurturing or time to it," she went on. "It can’t go unnoticed, because we would be doing our fans a disservice if we overlooked the devotion that they have for what we do for them."

Saldana, who shares 3-year-old twin sons Bowie and Cy and son Zen, 1, with husband Marco Perego, also explained how the roles that she chooses, which can oftentimes appeal to a younger audience, stem from her role in life as a mother to young children.

"I live in films that really cater to a younger audience, and I think that sometimes we can get stuck in eliteness of things, where we don’t really incorporate children into the narrative," she said. "Children need stories and they need entertainment and they need outlets and role models and fantasy to feel like their imaginations are being ignited and challenged. Now that I’m a mother, half of the content that I consume has to do with children. That means that the child in me never gets to grow up."

Her boys also guide the decisions that Saldana makes in her personal life, too, of course. Her first several years as a mother have forced her and her husband to reevaluate how they spend their down time, especially on the weekends.

"Now that the kids are older -- the twins are three -- we incorporate them in our plans because what they want to do matters a great deal," she explained. "The last thing you want to do is plan this whole weekend or outing when none of the kids want to be there. We are simplifying our lives so that on Saturday mornings we look at them and we ask, ‘What do you want to do?’ They’ll say they want to go to a car museum, go to a park, go climb a tree or just stay home and play, we just do that."

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