Anna Camp on Netflix, working with Brittany Snow and her new movie 'The Wedding Year'


While Anna Camp became a household name as soon as "Pitch Perfect" hit theaters in 2012, the actress and singer hasn't slowed down since the blockbuster trilogy wrapped last winter.

We chatted with the star about all of her upcoming projects (including one with "Pitch Perfect" co-star and real-life BFF, Brittany Snow), how she and husband Skylar Astin make their marriage work with hectic schedules and her latest campaign with Serta.

AOL: Well it looks like this is going to be an insanely busy summer for you. And it's kicking off with your new Netflix series, "Harvey Street Kids," premiering this month. What was it like working on and voicing a new character for the animated series?

Anna Camp: I’m really excited for "Harvey Street Kids." It’s a really fun, funny, sardonic cartoon. It's for kids, but I feel like adults will also be into it. And my character is definitely kind of the villain, but she’s really funny and she ends up being friends with the lead girl. I get to sing a lot and I get to be the lead of like a rock band for an episode!

So it’s just a wacky, crazy, funny, smart cartoon that I think people are really going to respond to, and I think Netflix is super behind it, and I'm excited for everyone to finally see it, because you know it takes a long time for a cartoon to get made from going in to recording it to coming back in when they wrote the songs and then seeing it animated all together is really, really exciting.

You also have been working on the movie "The Wedding Year" with Sarah Hyland, Tyler James Williams, Wanda Sykes and Jenna Dewan. What can you tell us about the project?

I actually just wrapped last week! I was super excited because Robert Luketic is the director and actually directed on of my favorite movies, "Legally Blonde." So it was super awesome to get to work with him and it's a really funny romantic comedy.

I play Sarah Hyland's -- from "Modern Family" -- boss and her best friend. And I get to have a big wedding ... and a whole bridal party and I got to wear a big wedding dress again which was really, really fun. And it has a feminist twist in the end of it which was super exciting for her character, and it's just like funny and edgy and cool and I can’t wait for everybody to see that too.

And not to mention you also have been working with former "Pitch Perfect" star Brittany Snow.

Yeah! I actually did her short film called "Milkshake," where I play a kind of intense stage mom, but it's really beautifully written and beautifully shot. She wrote it and directed it, and it was really great just because we're such good friends and to see her in another light besides being the awesome, fun actress that she is -- just to be able to have her direct me and to see how smart she is and the questions she asks and to help her achieve her vision is something that I think will help bond us even more and further.

Your second wedding anniversary with actor Skylar Astin is coming up soon. How has married life been going?

I can’t believe it’s been two years! It feels like it’s been one. It’s flown by so, so fast. We definitely are having a wonderful time. When we are in the same town together it definitely makes a difference, but we work really hard with FaceTiming and calling each other and going to visit each other. I flew to Bulgaria to visit him when he was shooting a movie and he’s flown to Cape Town, South Africa when I was shooting something. So you really have to go the distance so to speak -- metaphorically and literally -- when you’re in a relationship where you travel so much, and both of us luckily do that, so its been really, really great having someone so supportive.

You recently teamed up with Serta to get the conversation about comfort going. Why are you excited to be working together?

I am super excited because Serta, like me, is all about being comfortable and comfort. They’re also just inspiring the comfort conversation... and getting people to tell them what they find as comfortable and what brings them comfort. Like for example, I like to curl up with my dog or read a good book with a blanket.

At a Serta event in Los Angeles, Anna Camp spotted getting comfortable on an iComfort Hybrid mattress. (Photo courtesy StarTraks Photo, Michael Williams.)

It seems like you are constantly on the move! How do you like to stay comfortable when you are traveling or working away from home?

Yeah, definitely being an actor I travel all the time and I’m in a hotel room or at trailer. I like to bring a really cozy big blanket, I like to have pillows, I also like to have candles just to make it feel really personal. I also bring framed wedding pictures. My husband and I, we both have these pictures we just keep in our suitcases so we can set them up in every hotel room so you kind of feel like you’re in your own home and you have that little bit of personality and your life with you.

I like to take baths a lot, good lighting is something that’s really important. So the candles and just making it feel home-y even when you’re not at home is incredibly important, because it can definitely effect how you sleep and your performance the next day when you’re filming something or in a play or whatever that job maybe.

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