Drew Barrymore recalls spray painting her ex-boyfriend’s car: ‘He called me crying’

Don’t cross Drew Barrymore!

The 43-year-old Santa Clarita Diet star opened up on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! about getting revenge on an ex-boyfriend in her teens.

“I spray painted an ex-boyfriend’s car,” she revealed. “It was really fun. We blasted Cypress Hill. It was mid-‘90s, late-‘90s. We felt so baller.”

In order to maintain her innocence, Barrymore spray painted things her ex wouldn’t have expected onto his car.

“A lot of really horrible things that would not seem like me. It wasn’t like, ‘You screwed me over, you d**k.’ It was like, ‘Anarchy’ and ‘Black Flag,’” she noted. “And then he called me crying like a little b**ch, and he said, ‘You wouldn’t have done this, would you have?’ And I was like, ‘Noooo.’”

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Barrymore added that she never admitted her act of rebellion to her ex, saying, “It was really gratifying and now he knows it’s me…I went with my girlfriend Justine, and we were young and we felt so cool driving up the Canyon in my Ford Bronco, blasting Cypress Hill. It was such a moment. It was worth the phone call I might get sometime soon.”

Barrymore also reflected on her one-of-a-kind childhood, and talked about meeting the late Princess Diana as a kid around the time E.T. came out.

“I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the most exciting moment for me to meet a real-life princess, the real life princess, the People’s Princess,” she recalled. “Diana was and is and will always be the epitome of a woman that all little girls look up to. She was so kind and so nice and I have to say growing up with her as a princess was just such a good example.”

In the photo of the encounter, director Steven Spielberg is carefully watching Barrymore as she met with royalty.

“You can see Steven [Spielberg]’s really looking, wanting to make sure I didn’t mess this up,” Barrymore said of her godfather. “He was very paternal me, and he was like, ‘Well, your mom took you to Studio 54 last night so I want to make sure you don’t mess up’… -- and thank you, Mom, because it was so fun – ‘I want to make sure you don’t screw up this very royal, regal moment.’”

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Barrymore hopes to instill a similar sense of responsibility in her own children – daughters Frankie, 4, and Olive, 5.

“I really do want them to summer intern when they start asking for money and doing their own laundry and learning how to be self-preserving,” she said. “I don’t want them to have a hard knock life the way, you know, I certainly grew up in an unorthodox way, but there were also so many cool things to it too. It was a balance that took a real art to navigate, and they’re not going to have any kind of life like that. So I’m always trying to figure out what will be their harsh realities that will really motivate them to be empathic and know that it’s important to take care of yourself and ours.”

Kimmel then brought up that Barrymore had Madonna at her 12th birthday party, and the actress added that Billy Idol, Grace Jones, and Stephen Pearcy from the band Ratt were also there.

“It was so cool,” she admitted. “My kids are going to miss out on fun things like that.”