Mandy Moore shows off $2.6 million Pasadena home: Watch! (Exclusive)


This is ... Mandy Moore's home!

The "This Is Us" actress recently brought Architectural Digest into her $2.6 million Pasadena home for the outlet's "Open Door" video series, and her stunning mid-century home will give you total house envy.

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From her larger-than-life copper fireplace, to her custom-built forest green velvet bed and her sprawling hillside pool with an adjoining spa, Moore and her fiancé, rocker Taylor Goldsmith, are living the dream in their soothingly-designed four-bedroom abode.

The singer-turned-actress' home also boasts several technological features that she showed off in the video, which you can get an exclusive first look at at the top of the page: She had a hidden light switch under her bedside table and has an awesome Samsung television that turns into fine artwork when it's not being used.

See photos of Mandy Moore:

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