How Heather Locklear's family is coping with her recent hospitalization

Heather Locklear's recent hospitalization has her family worried but hopeful.

A source tells ET that the actress' family is hoping she will finally get help following her hospitalization over the weekend. The source previously claimed Locklear was "acting erratically" and "threatened to kill herself" before the family called the police on Sunday and she was transported to a local hospital, also alleging that Locklear claimed "she was kidding around."

"Heather needed to be taken for psych evaluation. Her family can only hope this will finally be her wake-up call," the source says. "Her family desperately wants her to check herself into a facility and get long-time care. This pattern has gone on for years and her closest people are finally using tough love."

"After Heather's arrest in February, her friends and family had high hopes she'd finally hit rock bottom and she would see that it was time to turn her life around and get real help," the source continues, adding that Locklear's family now feels she's "on a complete downward spiral."

The Melrose Place star was arrested in February for an incident at home involving her boyfriend, Chris Heisser. Locklear, who is facing four counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer and one charge of resisting or obstructing an officer, entered a not guilty plea in April.

“Her family has stuck by her through all her ups and downs,” ET's source says, claiming that Locklear had been taking steps to get healthy. “Her family is hoping this is the last time."

As for how the actress' daughter, Ava Sambora, is dealing with the drama, the source says everyone is rallying around the 20-year-old. "Heather's behavior makes things very difficult for her daughter, Ava,” the sources claims. “The entire family worries about Ava all the time."

ET has reached out to Locklear's lawyer for comment.

Reporting by Adriane Schwartz.


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